Skinrep is a water extract of the marine green microalga Tetraselmis suecica containing high levels of carotenoids such as the xanthophylls lutein, violaxanthin, neoxanthin, antheraxanthin and loroxanthin esters.

This extract has a strong antioxidant, antinflammatory and repairing activity in the human both cell lines and epidermal tissue (EpiDermTM) supporting its application in cosmetic formulations and pharmaceutical products (Sansone C. et al. 2017. The green microalga Tetraselmis suecica reduces oxidative stress and induces repairing mechanisms in human cells. Sci Rep 7, 41215.

Our excract in now used for the preparation of a new anti pollution cosmetic called Urban Serum that was launched on the market in December 2020. Another two products will be marketed before next summer.

April 14, 2021 – Urban Serum Wins Second Prize at the BSB Innovation Award

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