The Market

The global market for anti-tumor drugs is expected to surpass USD 110 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR greater than 6% over the forecast period.

The market is concentrated in the North American region and together with Europe accounts for over 60% of the market share. The Asian and African economies possess a substantial growth opportunity owing to high cancer mortalities and bleak availability of effective drugs.

Glycox (patent in preparation) is an autophagic cell death activator agonist with IC50 of 0.5 μg in tumor cells after 24 hours. It binds to the IGF1 receptor and has potent inhibitory activity against human tumor cell lines that have under-expressed p53 gene. It is able to rapidly induce autophagic cell death in A549 adenocarcinomic human alveolar basal epithelial cells. It also induces cell death in Multiple Myeloma cells with an IC50 of 0.5-1.0 μg/ml, triggering early mitotic arrest.

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