The Board of Directors

Dr. Rolando Lorenzetti
Scientific Director Italbiotec
Consortium in Milan – Expert in Biomedical Biotechnology
Dr. Angelo Fontana
Chief Chemistry Officer
Director of Research at the CNR Institute of Biomolecular
Chemsitry, Pozzuoli (Naples) -Expert in the Chemistry of Marine
Natural Products
Dr. Adrianna Ianora
Chief Biology Officer​
Department Head at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn in Naples
Expert in Marine Microalgal
Dr. Tiziano Croci
Chief Scientific Officer
Ex – Scientific Director of Sanofi Research Center in Milan – Expert in Drug Development
Dr. Fabrizio Vecchi
Board Member
​Technology Transfer Director of the Stazione Zoologica
Anton Dohrn
Dr. Maria Luisa Pompili
Board Member
​Technology Trasfer
Responsible of CNR
  • Giardini Villa Comunale
  • 80121 - Napoli (NA)
  • 08422831217
  • NA-956951